Gain industry benchmarked insight into Cybersecurity posture in just 24 hours.

  • Buying, selling or running a business? Make informed decisions to improve cyber resilience and maturity.

  • Know how you measure against NIST framework and within your industry using fast, robust methods.

  • Designed & written for investors, board members and business leaders.

  • An Australian-first, CTO Labs Cybersecurity Posture Report is also available for purchase within Ansarada data rooms.

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How do your competitors compare in a shifting cyber landscape?

Quickly know your position and the improvement path ahead. with CTO Labs Cybersecurity Posture Report - industry-benchmarked, self-assessment led insight.

Written for business stakeholders, the Report provides easy-to-understand insights and prioritised steps you can action with your board, risk committee and management team.

See strengths & weaknesses against industry-leading frameworks
Quickly and easily focus on the priority areas that strengthen your approach and manage cybersecurity risk mitigation.
Benchmark & understand results within the context of your industry
Realise opportunities for targeted cyber improvements that help you swiftly progress to outperform industry standards.
Access trusted insights from cybersecurity diligence specialists
Have confidence knowing your Report is designed by CTO Labs, and reviewed before you receive it, based on expertise leveraged on global M&A deals.

Five V has now worked with specialist technology diligence providers CTO Labs on a range of investments, from testing an initial thesis through to divestment. CTO Labs’ advice was clear, commercial and actionable - and also timely - and we look forward to continuing to work with them.

Five V Capital

Adamantem has been working with CTO Labs for over a year on a variety of engagements. We have been consistently impressed with the team’s technical expertise and ability to understand our business. The team are highly engaging and can effectively translate their technical insights into actionable business strategies. We could not hesitate to recommend CTO Labs to others.


The Cybersecurity Posture Report is a simple, robust and fast way to to understand and roadmap your organisation's cyber posture as you approach M&A. It's a great addition to the Ansarada offer where the focus on helping bring security, order and simplicity to M&A."


The CTO Labs Cybersecurity Posture Report is for you.

For Investors: Protect and build asset value and manage your defensive risk position
Identify and mitigate cyber risks that could undermine value, compare yourself to industry average.
For Technical Leadership: Build trust with stakeholders through fast technical benchmarking
Make complex cyber insights relatable and showcase how you maintain a secure and protected operational environment.
For Business Leadership: Support your strategic and commercial cyber resilience objectives
Demonstrate a transparent commitment to your organisational cyber posture and continuous cybersecurity advancement.

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Goodbye throwaway cyber reports. Hello robust, actionable, insights.

The CTO Labs Cybersecurity Posture Report is a self-review to understand the cyber health of your business as you look ahead to sale.

The security landscape and climate evolve daily, and no sector is immune to the risk of malicious activity. Growing scrutiny and demands for more transparency and accountability means the commercial and reputational stakes are high.

Designed by technical and cyber diligence specialists with deep global experience in mergers and acquisitions.

The Cybersecurity Posture Report provides a comprehensive snapshot of your strengths against leading industry frameworks, how you compare to your competitors and priority actionable insights delivered in straightforward language. Equipped with this information, you can take your technical and non-technical stakeholders on the journey as you improve your position. Feel assured about your cybersecurity posture and maturity claims, and give confidence to investors, customers, and the market.

Benefits of the CTO Labs Cybersecurity Posture Report

CTO Labs Cybersecurity Posture informed icon
Improve cyber resilience & maturity through informed decision making.
CTO Labs Cybersecurity Posture confidence
Confidently know your position against the NIST cybesecurity framework.
CTO Labs Cybersecurity Posture Priorities
Reduce risk and increase value with prioritised actionable insights.
CTO Labs Cybersecurity Posture compare
Understand how you compare to competitors and the wider industry.
CTO Labs Cybersecurity Posture expert
Designed and written by trusted global cybersecurity diligence specialists.
CTO Labs Cybersecurity Posture trust
Improve transparency and give confidence to investors, customers, and market.

Considering deeper cyber diligence analysis?

1. Cybersecurity Posture Report
Buy, operate or sell. Gain industry aligned insight into cybersecurity posture and actions to improve it.
2. Cyber Diligence Analysis
Take a deeper look at specific risk areas within an industry risk profile or gain a deeper sense of the quality of an overall asset. Understand areas of maturity, risk and organisation awareness.
3. Cyber Advisory & Delivery
Assess, Develop, Remediate. Work with CTO Labs on your overall security architecture, develop improvement plans and manage risk deeply and strategically.

We make complex tech clear.

CTO Labs are specialist Mergers & Acquisitions technology advisors with deep experience in providing clear, commercially pragmatic advice to investors and tech leaders as part of transactions.

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